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Merijn Machielse

Merijn Machielse Asked 11 years ago

Hey Pingskills,

I play table tennis for around a few years (im 15) now and I now use the butterfly Sriver FX for both sides with a Tibhar Xpress blade (When i look it up on google they dont look like my blade but whatever:P).

I want to buy new rubbers and a new blade to I guess (I dont really know anything about blades). I asked you a question about the rubbers a few days ago and you adviced me the Xiom vega pro, I think im going for that one for the forehand and i think yasaka for the backhand (Not sure yet).

Im an allround player but with my forhand i attack more than with my backhand, with my backhand i rely on pushing and chopping (Not from far behind the table just close to the table). With my forehand i spin/smash more then i push.

I was wondering if its a good combination (Xiom vega pro on fh and mark V on bh) and what blade should be used for it? I would like to know if you think this combination is something for me:).

Hope you can understand my question (Im not english and also dont know all correct translations for table tennis terms :P).


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Merijn,

That is a good combination.   You will find the Mark V a bit slower than the Vega Pro.  The Vega Pro will also give you a bit more spin.

Without seeing you play, those rubbers are both good.  As far as a blade, get something middle of the range.  An allround type blade.  I have used those rubbers with the PingSkills Touch and they seem to suit well. 

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