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Francisco Cespedes Grau

Francisco Cespedes Grau Asked 8 years ago

Hey coaches!, I want your advice about what blade and rubbers to buy.

Im a player who trains seriously 3 times per week 3.5 hours each training session during about 2 years.

Now you know im not a very experienced player, but im having great success getting better.

I was using the same rubber and blade during 2 years, i think it's too much but that is for money problem, but now I can.

Im bassically an attacking player with loops, I always loop in forehand and in backhand loops/blocks,

In forehand i think Mark V is a good rubber, or do you think it's too fast for me, I have a good control with forehand, I think.

In backhand i dont know what rubber to use, I have good control blocking but not looping.

and a blade i think an off+ would be nice, which would you recommend me?

Thanks in advance!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Francisco,

I would go for a Mark V on the backhand as well.  I would go for a slower blade though.  Perhaps an OFF- or OFF would be fast enough.

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Francisco Cespedes Grau

Francisco Cespedes Grau Posted 8 years ago

So you recommend me have the Yasaka Mark V for forehand and for backhand?, and the blade, I dont know nothing about blades, I would like one flexible for more spin, I think Stiga Offensive Clasic it's a good choice, it's OFF, did you tried that blade or do you know a blade with good flexibility but fast?


Thanks for your opinion!

Francisco Cespedes Grau

Francisco Cespedes Grau Posted 8 years ago

I'm sorry, the blade I mean is Stiga Offensive Classic WRB which is a bit more flexible and has more speed but it's still OFF

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