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Gaurav Simha

Gaurav Simha Asked 10 years ago


I have a style of play in which the chop tends to send back any type of ball put long on my back hand side; and I think i'm pretty good at it. But I think my rubber is too spinney so it becomes tough whenever a spinney topspin is delivered from the other side of the table. The coaches say that for my style, a anti-spin rubber is appropriate. What do you say ?

I also want a suggestion a rubber that can deliver heavy and long range top spins.  


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Gaurav,

How long have you been playing? 

You could use an anti-spi on your backhand.  The other option is that if you always defend on your backhand you could use a long pimple rubber.  This has similar benefits to anti-spin but it will also allow you to generate a little spin yourself.

Take a look at our lesson on the Effects of Rubbers.  This will give you a better insight as to their properties and you may be able to see if this may suit you. 

For an attacking spin rubber we recommend either Yasaka Mark VYasaka Pryde or Xiom Vega Pro.  These are in order of speed with the Mark V being the slowest with most control.  I would recommend it first for you. 

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Gaurav Simha

Gaurav Simha Posted 10 years ago

I've been playing from almost 5.5 years now. 

Anyways, thanks. 

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