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Henry Yam

Henry Yam Asked 10 years ago

Sometimes I see players serving from the middle of the table. What are the advantages to that? Is it because maybe the sidespin from their serve is expected to move the ball more towards the forehand side? 

Also, I see many professional players receiving service from their backhand corner. Is this because they want to adopt a more aggressive style of play by allowing the forehand to cover a majority of the table?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Henry,

Serving from the middle of the table just opens up different angles that you can use rather than always serving with the same angle.  It is a good variation that you can try.  You may for example want to serve the ball more to the right handers backhand corner so instead of serving the pendulum serve from the backhand corner you can serve it from the middle to get a better angle on the ball.

The receiving position that a lot of players adopt being wide on the backhand side because it does give them a better chance to attack with their forehand.  They need to have good footwork to adopt this position though because otherwise they will be susceptible wide on the forehand.


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