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toby kim

toby kim Asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Pingskills!

I am having a very hard time brushing the ball, hitting the ball fast without it going into the net, and utilizing my wrist without missing the ball. I can brush the ball without the table, but I can't apply it to the table. For example when i put all my wrist in to the ball, put extreme force and speed, and attempt to brush the ball, I usually miss. I have been trying to brush the ball for about a year. I still can't get the ball to bounce back toward the net(backspin). How am I suppose to accelerate into the ball without it going into the net. Whenever I try doing this with a open racket, it goes into the net or past the table. Whenever I try doing this with a closed racket, it goes very high into the air. When I use my wrist, the ball hits the edge of my racket.

Thank you,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Toby,

This is a normal progression of development of the skill.

Now try to focus on Turing your bat further back so that you feel like the bat is almost facing the back wall.  With the racket in this position you will find it a lot easier to generate enough backspin to make the ball spin back.

Take a look at their tutorial we have on Ma Lin Ghost Serve Bat Angle.  This will help you to make progress with the backspin serve.


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