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Andrew Pape

Andrew Pape Asked 11 years ago


I've played with short pimples on my backhand for a few years.  When confident I can hit straight through chopped balls with them. But when I'm less aggressive I sometimes push with the short pimples, and get into trouble, as the ball is too flat and can be hit past me. I realise I should be using the pimples more for attacking, but do you have any suggestions on push/chopping technique for pimples? One of the top players at the club uses short pimples both sides and when he push/chops, he starts his bat high and cuts down through the ball, getting more backspin that a textbook shot. This ruins the game of one of the clubs loopers, while another looper (who loves to loop backspin) loves these shots, indicating they've got good backspin. It seems that I should maybe experiment with a slightly choppier backspin ball with the pimples. I have experimented with the robot and tried cutting the side of the ball, as well as a more brushing shot. Not sure how much spin I'm getting, however.

Given that I can't attack everything with the short pimples, how should I push, or push/chop?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Yes, it is difficult to get enough spin with the short pimples. The stroke needs to be a little more of a brushing stroke either with a downward stroke or straight under the ball to make sure the ball doesn't pop up too much. 

If there is a lot of pace on the ball you can brush down the back of the ball but if there is no pace you will need to brush under the ball more. 

You will need soft hands to allow your wrist to work and to allow you to generate enough spin. 

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