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Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Asked 8 years ago

Hi, Alois

I am willing to switch to short pimples, because, often, I get chance to attack my opponents, but I lack a little bit of control in my shots. If I am right, short pimples are a little bit easier to control, and still, you can play defense with them. Perhaps you could tell me more about advantages of short pimples. I am searching already for short pips, maybe you could give me an advice about that, which short pips and thickness of the sponge.

And also, I would like to know the following, for the start:

How to return these serve with short pimples:

1. Long sidespin backspin

2. Long sidespin topspin

3. Short sidespin backspin

4. Short sidespin topspin

You see, I was good with defense, but, my opponents tend to keep me close to the table, they make high balls, and then I make mistake when hitting. And I kind'a like attacking a little bit again. Can you help me with this issue? Thank you in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Sasha,

Short pimples have more control but they are not easy to control themselves because you don’t get as much topspin so you need to be more accurate.

If you want to defend they are not ideal either.  None of the top defenders use short pips.

The principles of returning serves is the same as with normal rubber, just the spin won’t have as much effect on the short pimples.

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Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Posted 8 years ago

Well, I don't want to primarily defend any more. I would use short pips for defense only when I am forced to. I was thinking more of attacking play, but, since I played with pips so long, it would be much harder for me to learn looping again. I know that short pips are known of their speed, and attackers find much harder to block those shots. I wanted to use TSP Spectol, they say it is great short pip rubber. And I would pair it with Stiga Clipper, which is off blade, and DHS Hurricane 3 on my forehand. What kind of tactics would you recommend me, how to be most effective with pips? Is it possible to attack serves and when? And how can you get morea accurate? I see a lot of players use short pips to move their opponents from one side to the other not giving them much chance to react. Can you give me some more advice on this. Thanks

Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Posted 8 years ago

Any comments at all? Thanks

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

This may be something we can do as another Match Strategy lesson, how to play with Short Pimples.  Some things to think about are to stay close to the table and try to use speed and placement to win rallies.

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