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Gabriel Casado

Gabriel Casado Asked 7 years ago

Dear Alois,

Hi, Good morning!

I'm having some problem with my 3rd ball attack when I serve short and with topspin.

The ball looks easy to attack because it bounces a lot, so I hit it, but most of the time it go into the net.

The problem is that it came with a lot of backspin and near to the net. All the time I move fast and i try to make a shot with lot topspin, but the ball go to the net 50 % of the time. I think that Im doing the stroke very horizontal.

But how can I do to make the stroke more vertical if the ball bounce is near the net?

Could you give me an advice?

Thank in advance


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Gabriel,

On this ball try to increase the speed of your racket going forward.  You need to grip the ball with your rubber and lift it over with the friction on the rubber.  It can be a tricky shot even though it looks easy.

The other option, is to serve with more backspin which will return the ball at a better height and with less backspin on it if the push or chop.

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Gabriel Casado

Gabriel Casado Posted 7 years ago

Alois, thank you very usefull information. regards, Gabriel

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