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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin Asked 7 years ago

hi ping skills!

i have question about services in the singles play. 

The other day I was playing a friend from UK and one serve landed near the top left of his side of the table (near the net) and he couldn't reach it. He then said according to English rules that would be an illegal serve.

So My question is, am I allowed to serve the ball from anywhere (provided it's on my side of the table) and it doesn't matter where it lands on the opponents table? Is this correct?

(this assumes my serve meets all other requirements like a legal toss, bounces on my side first, doesn't hit net , etc..)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Aaron,

The rules around the world are standard under the ITTF rules.

You are allowed to serve the ball close to the net as long as you are following all the other rules.  You aren't allowed to serve from over the table when you hit it in case that is what you were doing...

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