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Mott Schweitzer Unknown

Mott Schweitzer Unknown Asked 13 years ago

i was looking at my local big five store and i saw that there were two different sizes of ping pong balls that they were selling, one was 38mm while the other was 40mm. My question is which ball is the correct one to be playing with, which ones do they play with in the olympics and what color should the ball be orange or white?


Mott Schweitzer

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Mott,

The correct size of Table Tennis ball is the 40mm ball.  The 38mm balls are the old size that they used to use.

You can use either Orange or White balls.  Most international competitions at the moment use the white but it doesn't make much difference.

Think about what backgroud colour you will be playing in.  If the walls where you are playing are white or light coloured it is better to use the orange ball but if the walls are darker at all then the white is good.

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