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Praseed Menon

Praseed Menon Asked 1 month ago


I have been watching your videos and a big fan of it. I have been doing exactly the same things as suggested in your YouTube videos with my son. But while playing tournament matches I observed that my son is very slow in recovery, body movement and reflexes. I feel like he doing more ball watching rather thanĀ 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Praseed,

Thank you for being a fan of our videos! That's great to hear. Reflexes are a very important part of a successful table tennis game, and it sounds like your son may benefit from some focusing exercises to help him build up his reflexes. There are several drills that can be done to help improve reflexes, such as focusing on the ball more thoroughly and reacting quickly to unexpected balls. Practicing the footwork drills mentioned on our site may also help, as they require quick movements.

Best of luck and I hope this information helps you and your son out! Keep working hard and soon you'll see the results.

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