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tejas kumbhar

tejas kumbhar Asked 10 years ago

Hello,i usually pratice at my home on an about 2.5x1 foot glass top table (standard table not available) which is just about knee high by hitting against the wall.I have just started off playing with my college friends(on a standard table) and i am preety comfortable keeping the ball on the table,but i am not so good at receiving fast,low,spinnig serves,how can i improve this practicing at home? Also can you suggest some exercies to help me put more spin on the ball(i can spin the ball but very less)?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Tejas,

That is good practice that you are doing at home.  It isn't easy to practice returning spin without a partner serving at you.  As a starting step what you can do is spin the ball into the wall and then try to hit the next ball back straight.  This will start to help you with controlling a spinning ball.  It is not ideal because we also need to recognise the actions of your opponent and what spin is produced when they do those specific actions.

Try to get a friend to practice with.

To generate more spin it is all about getting a faster brushing contact on the ball.  Try to move your forearm and wrist really fast on contact to generate the spin.  You still have to maintain the fine brushing contact though.

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