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Marv Anderson

Marv Anderson Asked 4 years ago

Hi, Alois,

I know that it is possible to overwhelm incoming spin by hitting the ball really hard, as in a powerful loop, which pretty much cancels the effect of the spin.  I am wondering if this works in reverse.

What I mean is:  If I put the same amount of spin on a fast shot as I do on a slow shot, will my opponent experience less spin on the fast one than he would on the slow one?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Marv,

If you play two balls with the same amount of spin, one fast and one slow the slower one will jump up off your opponents bat a lot more and will seem to have more effect.  This is due to the ratio between spin and speed.  The more speed the less lifting effect the topspin will have as the ball will come straight out of the rubber.

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Otfried Krumpholz

Otfried Krumpholz Posted 4 years ago


This is fascinating table tennis physics. It explains why the slow spinny topspin balls are so dangerous. Is the logical conclusion that you'd better not try to attack such a slow spinny topspin (because it is harder to control) but should block it?


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