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waqas ahmad

waqas ahmad Asked 11 years ago

hi coach!!!

i just ask the diffrnce n effect of sponges on rubber n bat.

diffrnt thikness of sponges are available.. could u explain plz. 

n ur providin custom bats. i wanna buy 1. bt need descriptn abt blade ur usin. are they soft, mediun hard or hard???

plies of blade.  speed, weight, control, consistency and stifness???

need info abt all the blades ur selling.. plz coz im lookin for a bettr bat.. i'll apply mark v adv on both sides

my ideal blade is donic opticon rs

light in weight and good 4 evry situation.. sugst me any more lighter blade plz 

and im from Pakistan in Lahore city will u guys deliver here as well??

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Waqas,

Assuming the same type of rubber, the thicker the sponge the more spin and speed you will get with it.

The Blade we use, the PingSkills Touch, is a soft blade with good control.  It has 5 plies.  It has a Speed Rating of 7.8 and a control rating of 8.2.  It is 83 grams in weight.

We have found it an excellent allround blade.  Jeff and I use it with XIOM Vega Pro.  With Mark V it gives you more control.

Hope this helps.

We do deliver to most parts of the world. 

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