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aahan Nair eh

aahan Nair eh Asked 1 month ago

I saw your video on taking stance, where I should just about be able to touch the table. However, I am quite short and I end up being quite close to the table, so I am not able to get enough time for the fast long pushes to be topspun. I tried standing further back, but then for short pushes and flicks, I need an additional step forward which makes it distinctly hard to play the stroke. I play with a heavy racket, nearly 200 grams

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Aahan,

It is fine to adjust the distance depending on your own game and needs.  I would adjust and see what works best for you against each opponent.

If an opponent is good at the short game then stand a bit closer and if they are more attacking then stand a little further back.

Practising your movement in and out front eh table on the short table will also help. Make sure you are getting your right leg (if you are right handed) to move in and out.

The racket weight can make a difference but try changing other aspects first.

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