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Gafur Cana

Gafur Cana Asked 10 years ago

Hey ! 

i just wanted to ask if this set up is good ! 

BLADE : Stiga Infinity VPS V 

FH : Stiga Calibra Tour H 

BH : Stiga Calibra Tour S  

thanks :)  

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Gafur,

I haven't used these at all.  Others may be able to help you out.

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kieran bean

kieran bean Posted 10 years ago

I have not used the Tour series but I do use Calibra LT on both FH and BH. They are very hard rubbers, with Calibra LT plus being the hardest Stiga rubber on the market at the moment. I would assume the new Tour series will be very similar to what i'm currently using.

I tried the Calibra LT and PLUS there really wasent too much different the PLUS was just slightly harder and i did not really notice the difference in speed.  

I hope this was helpful and relevant, Although i am only going on assumptions, i could be very very wrong.

nate s

nate s Posted 10 years ago

the Tour S is really the best all-round because of its control the Tour H is great too but it feels like a chinese rubber without the tacky top sheet so i don't like as much but it is a really good driving/looping rubber 

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