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Jeevan Jeevan Sekhar

Jeevan Jeevan Sekhar Asked 3 months ago

I had played someone recently who had a funny shaped racquet.  I then realized today that that individual was playing with the Cybershape.  It appears to have a larger sweet spot and is purported to give one more feel.  I am getting back into the game and have upgraded my fundamentals significantly thanks to you all.  I know Jeff said “it’s all in the fingers” indicating that chasing equipment to upgrade one’s game is unnecessary if the skills are there.  But still, I was wondering the thoughts on this racquet.  Cheers!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Jeevan,

I also think that the equipment is a small part of the answer.

I haven't used on elf the Cybershape rackets but they do look interesting.  I am not sure that the shape of the racket will give a bigger sweet spot but someone with some better knowledge than I have may be able to provide an answer to that.

I think that focusing more on your training and focus is the key to improvements.

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