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Jayce Soberano

Jayce Soberano Asked 9 years ago

I had a couple of training matches against new players a few days ago. and one of them told me that stomping while i serve is illegal because people cant hear the ball and so on. I have a bad habit of stomping while serving. But i do this for the timing and not to distract even though it distracts. I searched on this forum about stomping and i have read em all. But i didnt get a good clearance if its really allowed or not even though you told someone that it was more strict before.

What does it really say in the ITTF rules about stomping?

If its actually illegal then i need to change the way i serve...

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Jayce,

It now doesn't mention stamping in the rules so it is allowed.  The only references to noise in the handbook do not refer to this area.

Previously it was specifically mentioned in the rules of serving.

Therefore I would say, continue with the serve.

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Jayce Soberano

Jayce Soberano Posted 9 years ago

Okay thank you Alois :)

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