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Ski  Bidi

Ski Bidi Asked 3 months ago

What are some ways to take advantage of being left handed when playing against right handed players?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Ski,

Use the Angle to Your Forehand. Exploit the natural angle you have to the right-hander's backhand. Since most right-handed players are weaker on their backhand, placing strong shots to that side can be effective. As a lefty, you can create these angles more naturally, especially with your serve and forehand loop.  Develop serves that curve into the right-hander's backhand or that have a side-spin moving away from their forehand. Many right-handed players find it difficult to deal with serves that swing away from them. Use your pendulum or reverse pendulum serve to create these challenging spins.  

The rallies will often mirror what you are used to practicing with right-handed players. This means that your cross-court forehand will go to their forehand, which is not as typical. Being aware of these mirrored patterns can help you better plan your game.  

Bear in mind that a smart right-handed player will also be attempting to exploit the fact that you are left-handed. Anticipate their strategic adjustments, and be prepared to counter them. For example, they might use their serves to target your wide forehand, knowing that it's a less common play for them.

Practice intentionally and play lots of matches against various styles to become adept at using your left-handedness to your advantage.

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