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Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta Asked 1 year ago


I have been playing table tennis for 3-4 years now in informal games with friends at least once a week.  I have used the Stiga Evolution paddle followed by the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle and am looking to replace my paddles now.  

My strengths are Chop / Underspin, Backhand flip (topspin) and Forehand loop

My weakness is that I get in a locking position too often with my backhand as I tend to get defensive and have trouble converting a side/underspin to a forehand loop.

What is the good paddle I should buy to get to the next level?  I have heard about rubbers like Mark V, Yasaka Razka, Tibhar Evolution MX-P, Killerspin Fortissimo, Butterfly Tenergy V, Sanwei Target National etc.  With so many rubbers, it is confusing to decide on which one to buy.  

Would it help if I can send you a video of my style with a practice robot.  What kind of drills should I send a video?  Thanks a lot for your help!  Regards, Jay

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Jay,

I think you are on the right track with your equipment.

Get something with a rubber like Mark V as the next step.  It can be confusing but keep your choices simple.  I wouldn't go with anything too fast like Tenergy.

We offer an option on our site of the PingSkills Touch racket with Mark V.  Take a look and see if it would suit you. PingSkills Touch.

As a Premium member you are able to send me videos of your play so that I can have a look and offer any other advice as well as equipment.

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