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Richard Chhum

Richard Chhum Asked 9 years ago

Hi I've got a friend that is starting out in table tennis. Should he buy a pro bat or a 2 dollar bat

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Richard,

Good question but my answer would be neither.  He needs something in the middle.  If you buy a $2 bat you will not be able to learn the strokes because you will not be able to generate any spin and also not be able to control the ball effectively.  He doesn't need a pro bat either because it is a big investment and will probably be too fast to begin with.

You need something with reasonable rubber that will generate spin but not be too fast.

And here comes the ad... the PingSkills Rook fits this perfectly... but we do believe this or something similar to this is the best way forward for players.

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Robert Dimaranan

Robert Dimaranan Posted 9 years ago

STIGA allround classic CRB/WRB is a good blade :)

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