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Tushar Rajguru

Tushar Rajguru Asked 9 years ago

Hi , I have a confusion in choosing a rubber ( black ) for my BH . I have currently GKI SPINTECH for my BH which is almost 2 years old and even more , YASAKA MARK 5 in my FH which is in good state currently and DONIC APPLEGREN as my blade . So can you please tell me names of a few rubbers which have a good amout of control as well as spin and also some websites from where I can get some more information on them and and buy them . I want more controlled backhand .

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Tushar,

You could try the Mark V on your backhand as well.  Just turn your bat over and try it on the other side and see if you like it.

Take a look at this link for Table Tennis Rubbers.

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Debo :

Debo : Posted 9 years ago

GKI Spintech is a tensor rubber, so you may try Donic Coppa Gold in you BH as you are already used to play with tensor already.  GKI Spintech is an excellent slow, controlled & spin oriented tensor rubber to learn basic backhand technique.  Now just look for something faster like Donic Goppa Gold or like that.

Robert Dimaranan

Robert Dimaranan Posted 9 years ago

tenergy 05fx you can buy this on

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