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Pepijn Akkermans

Pepijn Akkermans Asked 9 years ago

Hi my name is pepijn 

i wanted to ask if their is a table tennis racket which is about 20-30 euros or us dollars. My age is 11 and and i am not bad and i am not really the best i would like a table tennis racket with much spin and control

thank you

please anwser this. Thank you very much

your website is great.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Pepijn,

It is great that you are looking to improve your game.

We have the PingSkills Rook which is a little more but you will find it will last you well and you will be able to learn the game well with it.

Others may have suggestions for you in Europe.

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Pepijn Akkermans

Pepijn Akkermans Posted 9 years ago

thank you for the information but its a bit expansive because i am buying it with my own money and thats a bit much for me


thank you

Vidit Jain

Vidit Jain Posted 9 years ago


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