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Soumya Siddharth Routray Unknown

Soumya Siddharth Routray Unknown Asked 11 years ago

in my club most of them are using Mark V rubber but other blades like carbon blade. they are suggesting me to buy a carbon ply of GKI brand as they are very cheap. i have suggested a blade but i want your advice. can you see the blade in the website www playgroundonline com and the product code is GKI000036

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Soumya,

I haven't used any products of this brand so I really can't give you any advice. However I would recommend that a carbon blade be used once you can consistently play all of the main strokes from our lessons including the backhand and forehand topspin. If you then feel like you need a fast blade go for it.

Has anyone else tried this blade? If so then leave a comment for Soumya and let us know your thoughts.

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