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Daniel Said

Daniel Said Asked 8 years ago

Hi and thx for your advise!

1) How much time outs can I take?

2) How is it that when I play with players not as good as me I loose or I win by little

3) When I do what can I get a yellow/red card? What do the cards do?

Thanks and I will surely come up with more questions for you to answer

Daniel from MALTA 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Daniel,

You are only allowed 1 time out per match.

When you play players who are not as good as you you may get a little nervous because of your expectations.  Try to relax and play your strokes and game.

I hope you are not aiming to get some yellow and red cards.  A yellow card can be given if you misbehave during a match. 

In the ITTF regulations it says: If at any time a player, a coach or another adviser commits a serious offence the umpire shall suspend play and report immediately to the referee; for less serious offences the umpire may, on the first occasion, hold up a yellow card and warn the offender that any further offence is liable to incur penalties. 

 and for red cards: Except as provided in and, if a player who has been warned commits a second offence in the same individual match or team match, the umpire shall award 1 point to the offender's opponent and for a further offence he shall award 2 points, each time holding up a yellow and a red card together. Except as provided in, if a coach or another adviser who has been warned commits a further offence in the same individual match or team match, the umpire shall hold up a red card and send him or her away from the playing area until the end of the team match or, in an individual event, of the individual match. The referee shall have power to disqualify a player from a match, an event or a competition for seriously unfair or offensive behaviour, whether reported by the umpire or not; as he or she does so he or she shall hold up a red card. 


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Daniel Said

Daniel Said Posted 8 years ago

Yes thanks that was very helpful..:)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

No worries.

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