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jack neo

jack neo Asked 10 years ago

Hey coaches,

I'm currently using a Timo Boll W7 and i'm after a stronger attacking blade. Many people say that Timo Boll Spirit is one of the best blades with good offence and defence and coupled with the fact that i want to settle with a good blade and not change it anymore. However, I'm mindful about the price and the fact that it might be too fast for my level.So coaches, please give me your advice on this.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Jack,

I don't know enough about the relative speeds of these blades.  I hope some of our readers can help you. 

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Brayden Lee

Brayden Lee Posted 10 years ago

Of course, i agree that Timo Boll blade series is one of the best blades in the world, however you say that it might be too speedy for you. I may recommend u 

Donic- "persson powerplay"(it has a thin layer of foil instilled in the blade to enhance its speed, however it's control is also great. ( I am using this blade to represent my school in competitions)

sorry for bad english :) 

jack neo

jack neo Posted 10 years ago

Hey Brandon. I've decided to stay with my Timo Boll W7 until i reach a much higher level. How would you compare Timo Boll Spirit to Viscaria? The shop owner tells me that Viscaria has a larger sweet spot and is a better blade to proceed from mine. So what do you think?

Brayden Lee

Brayden Lee Posted 10 years ago

WOW.Viscaria pro series is certainky a very good blade, once heard from people that they say it was used by Zhang Jike in the China open.

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