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osms sdsd

osms sdsd Asked 9 years ago

hi, i ve an opponent who is very fast. i mean his technique is not very good but his responses are very fast. so i cant find enough time to answer it. he plays simple but very fastly. what can i do for him. what kind of techniques should i can use.

thank u

osman bahadır

ankara - TURKEY

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Osman,

Use variation of speed and spin to make it more difficult.  The faster that you play the easier it is for him to outpace you and give you speed back.  Use a lot of slower topspin balls.

For our Premium members you can look at this lesson in our Match Strategy section on Playing A Blocker.

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osms sdsd

osms sdsd Posted 9 years ago

Thank u for ur information.  I ll try it. By the way i want to be a Premium member but it too expensive for a amateur Player.  I m wait ng for a discount :))) 

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