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Toti Failla

Toti Failla Asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I am Toti, a boy from Italy, 28 years old. I have a ping pong table tennis at my home .  Due to the covid 19  I can't join a TT club.  So, I am training 4 hours per day every day. I became  an advanced player, having a professional ping pong table at my home.   Is it right  4 hours per day?  How many hours per day should I train to reach a professional level?  What type of training should I do?  Thanks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Toti,

If you re able to train for 4 hours a day that is a lot.  I think the most important thing in this situation is to keep the training interesting and relevant.

Think about always working on something specific that you are wanting to improve.  Then focus on this skill by thinking about how you can improve it from just the stroke to then being able to incorporate it into a game situation.

When you are allowed to go back to the club then work on playing a wide variety of players and style.

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