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Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma Asked 8 years ago

I am an advance beginner and play table tennis only at my workplace (mostly on a daily basis). I would like to upgrade my table tennis bat and looking at something that suits my style of play.

I am currently using a GKI Kung Fu having upgraded from GKI Dragon. Please note, since I am not planning to turn pro, I would like to buy a racket, instead of getting the wood and rubber separately. I tried playing with an offensive bat (Butterfly Offensive NX I think it was) but didn't really enjoy as I had to alter my style of play for it.
My strengths are backhand and my game is made up of chops and placements instead of smashes. I would say, I am defensive minded and would like a racket, which gives good speed and spin.
Kindly recommend something, which would be available in India or if I could buy something off pingskills. Someone suggested opting for Butterfly Jonyer H-II + Tibhar Volcano (Black) + Yasaka Mark V (Red). I am looking for something in the range of INR 2k - 2.5k
Many thanks,

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Rajat,

The bat we would recommend is either the PingSkills Rook or the PingSkills Touch with Mark V.  With your budget, the Rook is probably closer.

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Dhruv Maniar

Dhruv Maniar Posted 8 years ago

theres a new version of kung fu available with a better handle....you can go for that.kung fu was my first bat....other bats are much lighter.Stick to GKI or STAG if you like the feel of your bat.German brands are wayyyyy lighter.


Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma Posted 8 years ago

thnx Dhruv.. I do chop a lot and smash if possible.. I mean I don't look for opportunity to smash.. my chop too are more of offensive chop than just trying to get the ball back in

I was thinking of gki euro xx or donic waldner 900 as these are available and fall within the price i am looking at.. would you recommend these for my style of play?

Dhruv Maniar

Dhruv Maniar Posted 8 years ago

I have no experience with Donic bats but i find it lacking in quality when compared to joolas and butterflys of same,price range.Kung fu is a great bat for spin and i know people who like the euro xx a lot.but the thing is that weight of gki bat adds to the chop character and donic would be much lighter than euro.so to shift from kungfu....euro i feel is a better choice of the two.

Soham Kulkarni

Soham Kulkarni Posted 8 years ago

Donic  pre made bats are great!

atharva sakharkar

atharva sakharkar Posted 8 years ago

Going fr stiga bats cn be also a good choice bcuz stiga premade bats  have good ply so wat u cn do is once u r level increases nd u look foreward to go fr a. Custom made bat wat u cn do is jst remove the rubbers nd replace them same works wid tibhar u cn go fr tibhar powergrip  also hs good 5 ply 

Dhruv Maniar

Dhruv Maniar Posted 8 years ago

close your eyes.go for euro xx....lighter bat means that ball bounces off the bat surface faster than heavier bat as hand movement in the lighter bat will naturally be faster.If ball bounces off faster it means It spends lesser time on the bat,hence it is actuually in touch with bat for a lesser amount of time,which reduces the amount of friction between bat and ball,which increases power and decreases spin....ergo less powerful chop.... GKI euro xx is a fairly thick bat with longer pips than any donic stuff.....longer pips.more spin.game over!

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