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Rashad Almilad

Rashad Almilad Asked 10 years ago

Hello , 

I had friendship Ritc 729 transaction cream on both BH and FH of andro super cell off+ Blade.

I feel I need more spin and speed on my game and a better quality blade.

if it wasn't that expensive i'd have gone for tenergy 05 . sometimes I think of getting donic coppa or acuda. or butterfly sriver. on the other hand I feel like going for stiga boost or calibra rubbers because i  think they are very consistent and easy to control. 
however there is a lot of variation of the these rubbers.

and i have no idea how to choose a blade since I didn't like the feel and the poor quality of andro.

I'd appreciate a quick explanation of the difference between those rubbers variations and which one you think is better for fast game with a lot of spiny serves and powerful loops. 

and I'll be thankful if you had time to recommend blades that goes with the rubber you think is the best.

I know these are a lot of question but i'd really appreciate answering them.

thank you ,

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Rashad,

The bat we recommend is the PingSkills Touch and the rubber we would recommend is the Vega Pro.  This is the combination that both Jeff and I use. We know that it is good.

Of course there are a lot of other options, but there are too many for anyone to keep up with.  We focus on players improving their skills rather than focusing too much on equipment. 

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