What does control means, written on TT Bat sold in INDIA.

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Manas Srivastava

Manas Srivastava Asked 9 years ago



This side Manas Srivastava,Delhi, INDIA. When I go to buy Table Tennis Bat in India on all bats its mentioned amount of Spin,Speed and Control. I do get what Spin and Speed suggest but unable to know what Control means.


My question is if any TT bat having rating more then that means we have to be less careful while playing our shot because Bat have controlled our shot or we have to be more careful while playing our shot  beacause Bat is unable to control our shot.???

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Manas,

The higher the rating for control, the slower the bat will be meaning it is easier for a player to control the ball with that bat.

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