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Edward Gilbert

Edward Gilbert Asked 5 years ago

I was looking at some tables and I want a high quality table that I can use outdoors, and the ones that are very highly rated are ones like the Cornilleau 250s Outdoor as well as its more expensive versions 400m and 500m. These tables though only have a thickness ranging from 5 to 7 mm (depending on price of course). This is much lower than what PingSkills suggested in their "picking a table" video which was 18-20 mm. This just confused me as I would have assumed that an outdoor table would be more rugged and therefore have a thicker table. Also these tables are very highly rated by basically everyone online, but how can that be if other tables have a much thicker surface. I just want an explanation on how the quality of a table works and what I should look for when buying something that I want to be similar to what I would use if i was in a local tournament or something official.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Edward,

I don't have much experience with the outdoor tables.  They do have a different material for the top which is why the thicknesses are different.  I assume it is a stronger type of material that will generate a higher bounce than a 5mm piece of wood would.

I am sure others have some experience with this that they can share with you.

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