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dan mat

dan mat Asked 2 weeks ago

Hello dear coaches,

I'd like to ask you please:

There are many skills used at table tennis (chop, loop, ... ). I think that each of them would be more convenient to do in one situation rather than another. I would like to have an idea of knowing "when" it is better to use one technique rather than others. Should there be a signal alerting me to use this specified technique, when something occurs in a match?

Thanks a lot <3

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately there is no simple formula here.

Each stroke that comes to you needs a decision to be made as you what type of stroke, the speed of that stroke, the spin that you need to respond to it and what other things you can do to make the 'best' move.

This is why the game is so exciting and has endless possibilities.  It is often described as Chess... I guess with just a whole lot more options because each piece has infinite moving possibilities.

Allow yourself time to adjust and learn how to deal with the options coming towards you.

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