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Marc Intarahote Unknown

Marc Intarahote Unknown Asked 15 years ago

Hi Coach,

I am now just start to go back to play table tennis for abut 2 weeks at my local park. I've been play serior for over 30 years sense I was a kid. However I play a little with friend 8 years ago, they were not that good, I beat them all. Wow when I start to play at this Club, I found out that my skill is not even match the worse player in this club. They look at my old Pan Asia butterfly which I thought is the best I have, and laugh at me. I hit a lot of slice back hand to move around my opponent, only back top spin slam when there is a chance, but not consistent. I do sometimes hit top spin smash to win a point, both smashes are the fast slam with not much loop, and many time the ball come back. I watch your video, and trying to learn to hit better. My ? is what is my play level?, What kind of paddle should I use?, Am I a attack or defense player? By the way I am a very good tennis player at 4.5 level, but table tennis is very different.

Thank you, I love what you are doing to the video


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 15 years ago

Hi Marc,

You have fond out that there is a big difference between playing at home and at a club. That is great. Now you have plenty to work on again.

Playing with slice or backspin on your backhand is fine. The main thing is to keep the ball low and put it into difficult positions for your opponent.

Upgrade your bat to something with a little more spin. Someone at the club will help you to choose something that suits you.

You haven't mentioned what you do with your forehand. Try to develop a topspin or hitting stroke with more topspin on your forehand. Keep watching the lesson on the forehand and the forehand topspin and just keep practising them, this will help you a lot.

You can be both a defensive and attacking player. It sounds like you have very good control on your backhand so use this to move your opponent, but then use your forehand to hit some topspin winners as well.

Keep going with it.  Playing at the club with the better players will definitely improve your game. 


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Marc Intarahote Unknown

Marc Intarahote Unknown Posted 15 years ago

Ho I forgot to tell you how is my forehand. I use my forehand lest than back hand because I don't feel so comfortable with it. I topspin and slice to defence the slam. I am now practice my forehand more often now. I have great top spin forehand and backhand in tennis, I understand ball rolltation very well, hope I will be good in table tennis too. I am also a lefty. Should I stop compare Table tennis to tennis because it deferent sport? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 15 years ago

Table Tennis and Tennis have a lot in common. Your hand eye coordination and match play will help you a lot. The main difference is in the spin and that your attacking strokes need more topspin because of the short distance they have to travel. Keep working on it, especially your forehand topspin. Do you stand with your left foot forward a little? If you do, as a left hander, try turning so that you have more of a forehand stance, right foot forward or straight to the table. This will help you feel more comfortable playing on the forehand side and will make you to be more attacking on the forehand.

Marc Intarahote Unknown

Marc Intarahote Unknown Posted 15 years ago

I love your Pingskill, thank you for your advises. I am a tennis player, I turn to hit forehand, and hit with slicly open stand for power in tennis. Yes I seen your vedio, and I assum right foot forward because it nature to me. I was right, Thank for confirm that.

I will tell all my friend about this WWW,

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