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Ben Thomas Unknown

Ben Thomas Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Hi all,
I have been using a Butterfly Yuki-FL bat for a while but I'm finding it doesn't have enough speed or spin for my liking. The Yuki-FL has approximately 2mm sponge which I like the feel of compared to other cheap bats with much thinner sponge.

I am thinking of buying separate blade & rubber but am not sure what to get.

Can someone suggest something that will be a logical upgrade from the current bat, either complete bat or blade+rubber, but as I don't play in a club, just for fun at work actually, I imagine the top end stuff would be a waste of money.

Thanks for any advice.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Ben,
I know the Stiga, Yasaka ranges so I will talk about them. 
I would go for a good quality All Round blade.  Having a look at our range something like a Stiga Allround Classic WRB blade.  You want a blade that has good control first.  You can get these with the flared handle.  It would cost around $45 for the blade.  As far as rubber, go for Mark V.  It is only $35 per sheet and you could get it in either 1.5mm sponge or 2mm sponge.  Go for the 2mm if you want more spin and go for the 1.5 if you want more control.  This will get you a great set up.
The main thing is to not go for something too fast too soon. 

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Raymond  Simon

Raymond Simon Posted 3 years ago


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