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Nagaraj Hegde

Nagaraj Hegde Asked 6 years ago

Hi, Alois.

I've been playing table tennis for a year or so, and i am improving my game at a descent speed. And i think its time for an upgrade now. for my first custom made, i wouldn't like to spend much as it's my first custom-made. I've looked for some blades for my bat, and i found the Joola Falcon Fast+. its a 7-ply blade with lymph-wood for the outer 2 plys, and the five interior are Ayous-wood. I have already decided that i'll be using Mark V rubbers on both the sides.

I need to decide between Joola Falcon Fast+, and the Pingskills Touch blade. I need your advice on which will be better and will suit my offensive game.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Nagaraj,

I don't know much about the Falcon Fast blade.  It sounds fast though.  I think as a first blade it is better to get something with reasonable control.  If you think that the Joola blade is going to be good enough with control then it will be OK otherwise go for the Touch.

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Nagaraj Hegde

Nagaraj Hegde Posted 6 years ago

OK. thanks for the advice.

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