Show #305 - Training Routines Before a Tournament

6 years ago

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There are some great questions this week including what should you be practicing in the lead up to a tournament. I hope you enjoy the Q&A and all the regular segments.

On This Week - 0:45

Jiang Jialing's Birthday (and more) and the first day of Autumn in Australia.

Joke of the Day - 6:18

I asked my son if he'd seen my newspaper. He told me that newspapers are old school. He said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me his iPad.

Tournament Wrap - 7:02

Team World Cup

Tip and Drill (Trill) of the Week - 15:39

Add an extra training session per week and add a serving session to your training.

Using the Consistency Chart - 18:53

Greg: How would I score this, if two people are doing a consistency drill. Who would score more or would both score the same?

Training Before a Tournament - 21:35

Greg: Can we still do regular practice 1 week before the actual tournament? Regular practice like for example your session 52?

Defenders Strategy Against Strong Forehands - 23:15

Tam: Could you tell me how a defender could beat the style of Wei Shihao (Panagiotis v Shihao) league 17/18 someone who just blasts through with their forehand regardless of chop.

Serving Secrets Revealed - 26:38

David: You have mentioned on several occasions that it would be watching the Serving Secrets revealed, not sure why I can’t find this where do I look. 

Table Tennis Shoes - 28:33

Alexandros: I want to buy a pair of table tennis shoes but due to my large size (48.5 Europe) I can't seem to find any that fits.Could you recommend an alternative shoe? My table tennis coach says volleyball shoes have the same principle. 

Playing Against Spin - 30:34

Zach: I have a friend that I play a lot and he uses a lot of spin, side and back. Every time one of his balls hit my paddle they either hit the net or go off to the side.  I play fine against people who hit flat. How do I fix this problem?

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