Show #321 - Shadow Drills in Your Sleep

4 years ago

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Today we discuss returning fast serves, tactics for serving in doubles, fixing broken balls, swapping rackets in doubles, and shadow play. And of course the main reason people listen to the show is for the very funny joke of the day! Plus as a bonus we have some OMG facts at the end of the show. Enjoy!

Joke of the Day (in fact 2 of them)

What is a foot's favourite chips?

If spaghetti starred in an action movie, what would it be called?

Returning High Speed Serves

Oswald: When my opponent give me a speed serve i can't survive under that serve and sometimes when i try to return the serve then it goes out of the board i really want to know how to receive that speed serve and also practice new serving as well.

Doubles Service Tactics

Jasper: What are some tactics when serving in doubles other than keeping it short with backspin?

Fixing Broken Balls

Matthew: How can you fix a dented ball and how that does affect the bounce of the ball?

Swapping Rackets with your Doubles Partner

Matthew: Are there official table tennis rules that prohibit me from swapping rackets with my doubles partner randomly between points? My partner and I use the same bat and rubber models and each have inverted rubber on one side and long pips on the other side. I have inverted rubber on my red side and long pips on my black side but my partner has the opposite — inverted rubber on the black side and long pips on the red side. Typically, we are less confused than our opponents when we randomly swap rackets between points and have a slight advantage when we do so. ITTF Handbook is worded to address restrictions on rackets replacement during a match. In the case above, we did not replace our rackets but merely swapped between ourselves.

Shadow Play

Yogesh: My son and daughter are just beginner and started learning the game but they lack movements and I need your guidance for them to do shadow practice with movement. Regards and thanks.

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