Show #326 - Footwork and Balance

3 years ago

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Footwork and Balance

Jasper - Is it okay if I play my stroke while my weight is on my toes? I find it very easy to move when I'm putting my weight on my toes because when I stick my hand out, my feet always moves to that position.

One Table Tennis Rubber or Two in Pack

Phil - Can you tell me when buying new table tennis rubbers, do they come in a pair or not?

Topspin Against Chop

Erfan - I have question about what to do against a low ball with backspin. Can i play a topspin or smash against chop ball in table tennis? My opponent always uses backspin and I often hit the ball into the net.

Can't Attack in a Match

Reza - Please help me. Why can't I attack during the game?

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