Show #327 - Bring Back the Tip of the Week

3 years ago

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This week due to popular demand the tip of the week and on this day return to the podcast!

Ask the Coach Podcast

Jasper - Hey Alois what happened to the drill of the week, tip of the week and on this day sections?

Spin on the Tomahawk Serve

Shaurya - Hi Alois and Jeff, I have seen your video on the Tomahawk Serve and I have been doing the stroke correctly, hitting the ball low and brushing it, but I still find I don't generate that much spin with it. I have done the exercises to help develop spin, any other tips?

How to Spin the Ball

GB - How can i train my self with out trainer to spin the ball.

Table Tennis Table

Dan - Hi, I want to get a table tennis table but don't know which one I want one under £350 pounds do you have any recommendations. I would like one that is one table not two halves.

Links in this Episode

Learning To Spin

Tomahawk Serve

Choosing a Table Tennis Table