Show #333 - The Cursed Number

3 years ago

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Alois suggested that we should skip show number 333 and head straight to 334 since 333 is an unlucky number. Well the curse struck as you'll see towards the end of the show! But we got through it and hopefully you'll enjoy some of the topics we discuss.

How to return the Windshield Wiper Serve

Pablo - How do you return the wind shield wiper serve?

15 yo Changing to Short Pips on Backhand

TY - Would you recommend an average 15 yo to change from normal rubber he has been playing with to short pips with rubber to improve his table tennis?

Kicker Serve from the Backhand Side

Eduardo - For some reason backhand serves have almost vanished, at least, from the professional players repertoire of serves. Can any of you, Alois or Jeff, make a demonstration of the same serve but from the backhand?

Rubber Thickness for Fast Spin Serve

Deepak - What is the recommended thickness of rubber in mm for fast spin service game?

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