Show #335 - 20 Years Since Sydney 2000

3 years ago

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In this show we reminisce about the Sydney 2000 Olympics and go all mindful in the tip of the week. Enjoy the show!


Jason - What is table tennis fishing exactly? To me it’s like a weaker topspin against topspin.

Ranking in a Group Tournament

Ardak - Hi coach! In our mini club we organize mini amateur tournaments every week. There are 10 players. We all play each other. There is no problem in ranking players who have different number of wins. But how to rank players with same number of wins?

Long Pimples to Play Backspin

Peter - In the last few years I have always been playing with inverted rubber on both sides. Now I want to try long pimples on the backhand side because I have so much trouble receiving heavy backspin with inverted rubber.  In my club there are so many people who play very strong backspins. Do you think it is worthwhile to change to long pimples to play against these kind of players? What are the advantages and disadvantages of long pimples?

Moving in Seniors Doubles

Ann - I love my seniors morning of Table tennis. I've come from tennis where doubles movement is much more defined and we do not usually get in each others way. I tripped over my partner's feet and fell backward hitting my head. It occasioned discussion with some players - sadly not her - about how to move and not get in each other's way and not be a hazard. We have a few who just do not move out of the way and take up a lot of space "right in the middle". One person said it is like trying to go round a concrete pole. Can you give us some guidance please? Better still can you do a 5 minute video showing some doubles (not at rocket speed) where players are shown moving around each other safely and effectively. Some tips and pointers would be much appreciated by me as I am quite nervous playing alongside some of my seniors colleagues.

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