Show #337 - Is Waldner the GOAT?

3 years ago

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This week we discuss whether Waldner is the greatest of all time, tell some jokes, read some OMG facts, and answer some of your table tennis questions.

Waldner or Ma Long?

Erfan - Who is better jan ove waldner or ma long ?

Reacting to Short and Long Serves Incorrectly

Jasper - I  played table tennis yesterday with my friend but I have problems moving to short balls and slow long serves because I'm not sure whether  it's short or long. So I end up pushing long serves or attempting to topspin short balls. Any solutions that you have?

Counterspin Against a Slow Low Topspin

Hugo - How to counter loop a low spinny loop in the backhand?

Can't Attack in a Match

Reza - Hi Thanks for your good videos. They help me so much. Please help me. Why I can't attack during the game?

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