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Ella Ogabu

Ella Ogabu Asked 1 month ago

What type of attacking pimple that give effect on the opponent should I use

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Ella,

When selecting a pimpled rubber for attacking play, you have two main categories to choose from: short pimples and medium pimples. Each type has a different effect on the ball.  Short pimpled rubbers are used by players who want to aggressively attack the ball. These rubbers allow for quick attacks and can help in counter-attacking topspin strokes because they flatten out the incoming spin. They may not generate as much spin as inverted rubbers, but they can be very effective at the intermediate level of play for creating unpredictable returns and hitting through spin. Medium pimpled rubbers are typically used by offensive players that want to have a point of difference and to slow the ball down.  Medium pimples can return incoming spin in unusual and unexpected ways, often reversing the spin that is imparted on the ball. While it's less common, some players are able to use them aggressively to chop-block and even produce deceptive attacking shots.

For attacking play, short pimples are generally the more aggressive choice and might be what you are looking for if you aim to keep the pressure on your opponent with fast, direct hitting.  If you are looking for some effect then try a Medium Pimple.

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D K Posted 3 weeks ago

I would like to add one thing.
It is not only important what rubber you use but HOW do you use it.
I am a longpips user.
Yet many opponents do not even notice it during warmup if I do not want it.
I have carefully selected my rubber so that I can control its effect with my skill.
More precisely,I can manipulate the level of disruption.
There are large variations among all types of pimples.

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