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Vadin Flores

Vadin Flores Asked 12 years ago


I am able to consistently hit my backhand with good pace and spin, but for some reason I can only hit it to the middle of the table or to the opposite corner. When I try to hit the backhand down the line, it feels awkward and the results are not good.

When i first play someone, I usually win a lot of points with the back hand, but after an opponent plays a couple of games against me they adjust because they know where I am hitting it. Can you please give some suggestions about how I can effectively hit my backhand down the line?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Vadin,

The backhand down the line requires only a little adjustment.  Use your fingers and wrist only to change the direction.  You can also just hit the ball a fraction later.

Don't try to make drastic changes just subtle ones.  Having a relaxed wrist will help with the changes. 

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Debo :

Debo : Posted 12 years ago

Having a relaxed wrist will help for sure.  Best of luck.

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