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B G Asked 10 years ago

Hi guys, I've been using a flared handle grip for about a year, and I'm starting to think maybe I should have gone with a straight grip, because I feel that overall the grip is too narrow for my hands.

 Can you tell me if straight grips are thicker at the top than flared, conical, anatomic grips, and would it be worth changing to a different blade to get a straight grip?  I'm thinking something that's thicker on average than just at the handle, where I'm barely holding it would be a better match.

 Or are flared grips a better choice for people with large hands?

By the way, is it possible to transfer a tension rubber from one blade to another?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago


I think the straight handle will probably suit you better but you should get one in your hand first and actually feel what it is like. These things are always a matter of personal preference.  

See if you can find someone with a straight handle and see how it feels. 

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