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Patrick Delos Reyes

Patrick Delos Reyes Asked 9 years ago

Hi Coach Alois Rosario & Coach Jeff Plumb


I would like to know if the cheap TT balls that iv'e bought is in good quality or not. Yesterday in a random store i bought a Pioneer Balls made in China. I've check its quality first before buying it, I followed certain requirements like what Mr. Rosario said in his video on choosing a good TT Balls.

  1. The ball doesn't have a visible seam around it.
  2. The ball is firm enough it doesn't caved in but the moment i pressed it in i noticed that the side part of the ball is quite soft and in the higher part of it where the seam is located is extremely hard.
  3. I've spin the ball it isn't perfectly round it wobbles a little bit but close enough compare to 3 star balls.

When i started using this cheap Pioneer ball it bounces low and unusual unlike other balls that when you throw it off into the air high it will also bounce high. I would like to know if that quality of a ball is good enough for a cheap priced ball. As a coach what brand of TT balls would you like to recommend for us beginners?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Patrick,

From what you describe they do sound like fairly low quality balls. What you expect from a good quality ball is a consistent bounce. If some part of the ball is soft and some hard then you will get variable bounces. And if the ball is not round that will also affect the way the ball flies through the air.

It all comes down to cost really. If you are playing matches, I'd recommend you get a 3 star ball if you can afford it.

For training including multi-ball and service practice, Alois has found the Yasaka training balls to be of good quality. I'm sure there are other good options available.

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