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Josh Mulkeen

Josh Mulkeen Asked 11 years ago

Hi Coach!

 I'm getting a table tennis bat for my birthday and I wondering what brand, type and model I should get.

I've just switched from Shakehand to Penhold.                      

I'm 13.

I'm not small, neither am I tall.

I LOVE spinning the ball,

and I'm not a quick player, I like control.

Money is not an issue.

It's my 2nd bat.

Have you got any ideas for me, coach? Or can you give me a a sponge thickness that suits me.

Plus, does the penhold handle give you any advantages when your playing penhold?

Thanks, Coach.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Josh,

The penhold handle is a matter of comfort.  I don't have any recommendations for a penhold racket.  I will leave that up to the penhold players out there.

If you like spinning the ball you should use a rubber with around 2mm thickness.  Probably a Mark V or Yasaka Pryde. 

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Josh Mulkeen

Josh Mulkeen Posted 11 years ago

Thanks, Alois!

I'm going to get those rubbers for my birthday.  And thanks for the information!


Daumisx Krugliakovas

Daumisx Krugliakovas Posted 11 years ago

Money is not isue XD Birthday :D nice i will buy my new rubbers for my birthday also :P i will buy butterfly tenergy 05 or 64

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