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Lanes Lienster

Lanes Lienster Asked 9 years ago

I play with long pips on my backhand and I'm also I'm also handicapped (class 8) so correct footwork isn't an option. Since my game style is very different in lot of ways to what you're teaching, would it make any sense for me to become a premium member?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Lanes,

Thanks for your question.  There is a vast array of content on the site and I am sure there will be things that will help you.  While some of the strokes may be different there are some basic principles that will help you.  Our Serving Secrets lessons and Receiving Secrets lessons are both areas that you will be able to utilise.  Also our Training Secrets will  give you better insights into how to train.

Where do you play at the moment?

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Lanes Lienster

Lanes Lienster Posted 9 years ago

I just play at my local club.

I have both your serving and receiving videos. Very useful, thank you. I'm just wondering how much of your material would be useful to a low mobility long pips player? There's very little information on playing with long pips in general, and about 90% of the available material is for highly mobile choppers (which is a completely different style). 

If you caught any of the recent paralympics, there were a good number of players playing close to the table with long pips. Also you'll see a good number of older players in clubs adopting this style. This is an extremely under-served segment of the table tennis population in terms of coaching. 

If I invest in premium membership, I'm just wondering if there will be any specific lessons helping players with alternative playing styles?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi Lanes,

You are right it is an under serviced area of the game.  We have a plan to make a lesson on using long pimples close to the table. Your idea of also doing one for low mobility players is a good one and one that I will add to the list.  This is an interesting style to play.  

I remember watching Lo Chuen Tsung who played for Hong Kong in the 80's and made the semi final of the World Championships.  He was so entertaining to watch.  You may want to look him up for some tips on how to play the backhand close to the table.  He was also very athletic though and had a powerful forehand as well.

I coached at the Paralympics and so had a chance to see several players playing the style you have described.

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