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Jith T S

Jith T S Asked 6 years ago

My daughter has started playing TT just a couple of months back with a readymade GKI kungfu racket.

She has started picking up the game very fast and the coach has suggested we go in for a more professional blade and rubber combination.

He had suggested one of the following blades :




He has further suggested that she start with a anti spin rubber on one side and a medium speed rubber like Yasaka Mark V or Butterfly Shriver on the other.

She is new to the game and generally seem to enjoy the speed and spin.

What is the type of blade that you suggest that she can use at least one or two years and what is the rubber she should start with?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Jith,

Get an all-round blade.  The PingSkills Touch is suitable with Mark V rubber.  However, I am not sure about the suggestion of using anti spin on her backhand side to start with.  I think it will limit her backhand development.

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Jared Peterson

Jared Peterson Posted 6 years ago

I strongly agree with Alois here. In order to develop her strokes she should use an inverted rubber ( Mark V) on both the forehand and backhand. This will allow her to learn the the different strokes and how to use different spins to your advantages. Once all of her strokes are developed it is then time to decide to maybe change to anti spin or pimples. 

Hope this helps.

Jith T S

Jith T S Posted 6 years ago

Thank you Alois & Jared

Your comments have been very helpful and informative. 

I will talk about this to the coach and try to take him along.

Warm regards & thanks




D K Posted 5 years ago

As far as the blades: the Victas Koji Matsushita also has an OFF version.
The blade is not offensive,it is listed as defensive,but I would not say it is slow.
Though,I have had a chance to try it and can say that if paired with offensive or faster allround rubber,it can be quite fast bat for "so said defensive blade".
I have tried it with Donic Coppa,which is quite fast rubber,and I realised it is really good combo for a technical attacking game.


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